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Lucky - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - Lucky Eco Cat Toy is not only adorable ducky, but also very Eco friendly. Made from recycled PETE, his felt pelt gets softer as time goes on! We stuffed Lucky with 100% premium organic catnip for long lasting frisky play. Watch your kitty slide him across smooth surfaces for added hunting and pouncing're sure to quack up! Lucky makes catnip fun! Healthy Eco Friendly Cat Toy!
Now $6.99
Ted the Turtle Large 9"
Jax & Bones Ted the Turtle Rope Toy100% Eco Friendly Dog Toy made from chemical-free natural dyed cotton thread. Hand-tied and naturally fray to act like doggie dental floss. Recommended for puppies who are teething or for dogs who like to CHEW, PLAY, TUG or FETCH Machine Washable, Durable Healthy and Safe Dog Toy. Good for heavy chewersTed the Turtle is Size Large 9" and Best for dogs 20-60lb
Now $15.99
Lucky Duck - Grain Free 12 oz.
Lucky Duck Dog TreatsSlowly dehydrated at our South Boston kitchen, Polka Dog Bakery’s Lucky Duck treats are the meatiest of the Polka Dog Butcher Block offerings. Chock full of USDA, hormone-free natural duck liver, these grain-free mini bones are great for dogs on a grain-free raw or fresh food diet, or for those in need of a little extra something to satisfy their primal cravings. Savory and delicious! 12 oz. Bag
Now $18.49
Fish for Cats - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - All cat lovers know that a cat gets what a cat wants, and cats want fun, healthy toys like Fish for Cat. Created from environmentally friendly fabric made up of 100% re-engineered recycled IntelliLoft® fibers and filled with energizing USDA certified Organic Catnip. You won't want these Eco Toys to swim away, so let your kitty pounce on these healthy cat toy designs that radiate fun, with bright colors and sewn-in jingling bells.
Now $7.50
Beef Scappy Chewz™ – 3 Pack
Beef Scappy Chewz™ – 3 PackClear Conscience PetColombian Beef Scapula from Free range, grass fed beef. Cartilage is a source of natural Chondroitin and Glucosamine.Deliciously Digestible and Satisfies Chewing Instincts.Clean Healthy Treats for Dogs!
Now $9.75
Dogbag Refill Rolls Red
100% degradable poop bags, made from recycled plastics, earth friendly, easy to use tie handles and the highest quality. Four rolls of red, floral scented dogbags. Rolls fit into dogbag duffels. 12 bags on a roll.
Now $6.99
Eco-Bone Dog Toy
West Paw Design - Every dog loves a bone, but you will love this plush healthy dog toy even more since it is an environmentally friendly Eco Bone! Dogs of all sizes will rejoice when they receive a 10” Eco Bone, or for the smaller pups, a 7” Eco Mini Bone toy. Strong fabric made up of 100% re-engineered recycled IntelliLoft® fibers surrounds a squeaker, for an Eco friendly, high quality dog squeak toy. Eco Bones come in a modern two-tone design.
Now $9.00
SuperGravy for Dogs & Cats
 Clear Conscience PetSuperGravy® Food Topper & Recipe Mix for Dogs & CatsClear Conscience Pet SuperGravy™ Enhances Pet Food 4 Ways! Dramatically increased palatability; The Healthy Solution for Picky Eaters: For pets who are: Simply very picky eatersLosing their appetites due to agingDealing with serious illnesses, including animals with cancer who may be receiving chemotherapyForced to switch from their preferred foods to less tasty “prescription diets” as part of veterinary treatment SuperGravy is 4.5 ounce (approx 30 scoops, scoop supplied) Delicious Healthy Natural Pet Supplement! 
Now $12.49

Company for Your Cat?

By Steve Duno courtesy of

At a friend’s home, you watch as her two young cats play like fiends, chasing each other, batting ping-pong balls, and having a grand time of it. Then, tired, they settle down together in a heap and go to sleep. On your way home, you can’t help but think: is my solo cat missing out?

The short answer is: it depends on the cat. Some will take to a new feline companion fairly quickly and enjoy the camaraderie, while others will hate the intrusion and wage bloody war on the interloper. That’s the nature of cats, a species that leans toward the stoic, the independent, the self-sufficient. Cats are supremely territorial and often loathe to share space with other pets. And they abhor change, which is what a new cat definitely amounts to.

That said, some cats are more socially inclined than others. Shelter cats who have spent lots of time with others before being adopted will often accept a new feline into the home, as will naturally friendly cats who don’t seem to mind who comes and goes. And kittens usually have little problem socializing with others, particularly other kittens (more on that later).

The key question to ask before proceeding is: why are you considering a second cat? If it’s because you think your cat would be happier with the company, understand that you are applying a human perspective to the situation. Though we might hate being alone ten hours each day, most cats do quite well with it, and even prefer it that way. But, if it’s simply because you want the extra company or would like to rescue a cat from the multitude facing euthanasia in an overcrowded shelter, that’s at least a fair and/or noble answer. And, in many cases, it’s something you … read more

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