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Beginnings Stuffless Wally Bear
Simply Fido Beginnings Stuffless Wally Bear 5"These cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and soft. These toys are safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric • Non-Toxic Low Eco Impact Dyes • saliva resistant,  Reduced toxicity and allergy levels • Environmentally friendly.Stuffless Wally Bear has crinkle paper inside. Enjoy less mess with these stuffless toys. They are sure to please you and your pup.  
Now $8.49
Chig-R-Blok Balm
Chig-R-Blok forms an effective all natural barrier against chiggers, ticks & mosquitoes. Deet-free repellent & treatment. Non-toxic. Children & dog safe. Effective herbal repellent against Chiggers, Ticks & Mosquitoes. Stops Chigger itch and heals bites fast. All Natural + Deet-Free + Lasts 5-8 hours + Keeps Chiggers and Ticks off. Repellent + Treatment + Stops Itching + Heals Bites Fast 2oz. BalmChig-R-Block is for humans and dogs only. Not safe for cats.  
Now $8.49
Stuffless Ellie Elephant 9"
Simply Fido Ellie 9" Elephant - Stuffless Toy w/Crinkle PaperThis plush organic dog toy has no stuffing to tear up. Crinkle Paper inside. All our products are: Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabricPure water organic dye processSaliva resistantReduced toxicity and allergy levelsEnvironmentally friendly.Adorable Safe Fun! Enjoy less mess with stuffless toys. They are sure to please you and your pup.
Now $11.49
Zogoflex Tux 6" - Eco Toy Black
Black TuxIntroducing Black Tux®. Specially made for aggressive chewers, our stuffable, treat-hiding dog toy just got even greener by going black! To achieve this black magic, we combine multi-colored materials we aren't able to recycle into one of our standard bright colors.  We mix those colors together to create a tough-as-ever dog ball that utilizes up to 120 pounds per week of previously not re-usable Zogoflex materials. 100% guaranteed against dog damage Stuffable, treat-hiding dog toyFloating dog toy Provides physical and mental stimulationGreat chew toy for dogsMade in the USA
Now $15.99
Toppl Treat Toy - Eco-Friendly
Toppl Treat ToyToppl™ is the puzzle, treat-dispensing dog toy your pup has been craving! Toppl keeps dogs busy by trapping treats inside so dogs will have to work to get them out. The two sizes (sold separately) interlock creating a customizable challenge for levels of canine chompers. Watch the video to see why playtime will never be the same.™ does it all. Traps treats with its inner ridges and tips over to keep dogs entertained and challenged. Interlock the two sizes (sold separately) to make playtime over the Toppl. Perfect for smaller dogs, bigger dogs and clever dogs. Like all of ourZogoflex dog toys, Toppl™ is recyclable, BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant (meaning it’s safe to eat off of), and gauranteed to last
Now $14.75
I Love Dogs it's Humans That Annoy Me
Spoiled Rotten Dogz DecalI Love Dogs it's Humans That Annoy Me  4" x 6" oval.  Long lasting  weather resistant vinyl.   Ideal for cars, trucks, or suv's
Now $3.25
WholeLife Turkey Breast 4oz.
Whole Life Pure Turkey Breast Freeze Dried Dog Treats 4oz. Our other white meat! Pure breast meat turkey, gently steamed, sliced then freeze dried to perfection removing moisture while concentrating flavor, aroma and nutrition.We use USDA certified hormone and antibiotic free (ABF) white meat turkey breast from Pittman Farms in California and then freeze dry all of our treats in our own state of the art facility in Western Massachusetts.Our freeze dried turkey breast treats are low in fat, calories and carbs making them an ideal healthy snack for dogs. Their single ingredient formula provides pure protein without fillers, chemicals, additives or preservatives  
Now $15.75
Lamb Airy Bark™ – 2.8oz
Lamb Airy Bark™ – 2.8ozClear Conscience PetMouth-wateringly yummy treats of pasture raised lamb lung, enhanced with our award-winning, patent pending Organic SuperVeggie coating. They are grain-free, gluten-free, and ultra-low in carbohydrates. The Airy texture means you get lots of treats in every bag! Lamb lung has a nice crunch when slow cooked by our artisan roasters. But the naturally “Airy” texture of lung makes these treats easy to chew and digest quickly; you won’t have to interrupt training for your dog to chew! Lamb Airy Bark is also an excellent treat for weaned puppies or older dogs that don’t do well with very hard chews.
Now $9.75

Animal Titer Testing FAQs

by Shawn Messonnier, DVM
Featured in Animal Wellness Magazine ~ Vol. 17 Issue 4

Answering your questions about this alternative to annual vaccines.

Vaccinations can be both helpful and harmful. It all depends on how they’re used. In young dogs and cats, vaccines help establish immunity from infectious disease. But repeated and unnecessary vaccines can be harmful if the immune system reacts to them inappropriately and makes the animal ill.

Titer testing is a safe way to avoid over-vaccination while ensuring your companion remains protected from disease. This article will answer some common questions about vaccine titers.

Vaccine titer tests are simple blood tests that measure your animal’s antibodies to certain diseases. In most practices, these diseases include distemper, parvo and hepatitis virus for dogs, and rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia virus for cats. The titer is a number derived from testing your animal’s blood for antibodies against these diseases. A positive titer means your dog or cat has antibodies against a specific disease (the titer usually results from prior vaccination to the disease, or exposure to the disease). It indicates he is protected from the illness caused by that particular virus. For example, a positive titer to distemper virus indicates your dog is protected from distemper.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Most holistic veterinarians do limited vaccinations for their puppy and kitten patients, using a series of immunizations to ensure adequate protective immunity without “overdoing it” like traditional doctors do. A limited booster series may be done one year following the final puppy or kitten vaccine visit, when the animals are approximately 18 months of age. Titer testing is then done the following year and continues annually for the life of the animal. Vaccines are given only when titer testing … read more

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