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Organic Stone Lounge Bed
Jax & Bones These healthy pet beds have cozy surrounding bolsters which allow your pet to curl, snuggle, or lean against. Ideal for pets who need extra reassurance and warmth. These beds have zippers and removable inserts for easy maintenance and care. 100% Machine Washable, and available in 4 sizes to fit a dog up to 110 pounds. Certified Eco-Friendly Pet Bed! Stone color is a darker charcoal.
Now $110.00
Organic Dog Flea & Tick Treatment
Dog Flea & Tick Topical Treatment - 2oz.Want a product that is not only safe for your pet(s), but is safe for your whole family as well! Switch to our organic safe, natural and effective flea tick topical treatment, using nature's unique blend of essential oils. This treatment can be used on puppies as young as 4 weeks of age and even on pregnant females. Natural Flea and Tick Treatment!
Now $16.75
Peanut Butter w/ Crust Organic Dog Treats
p.b. with crust healthy dog treatsLots of healthy peanut butter and some nice crunch, all that's missing is the jelly... 10 oz. Box Treat Size: 1.25" - 1.75" Sale NOTE: This Product exp. 10/17/14
Now $11.49
Relief Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner
Farm Dog Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner effectively neutralizes pet urine and odors while cleaning multiple surfaces around the home. Use it everyday to permanently put an end to urine and odors and find just what you are looking for in a cleaner, Relief. Eliminates pet urine and associated odors. Cleans granite, wood, stainless, tile, and glass. Naturally anti-bacterial. Can be sprayed around the dog or on it if you like. Works wonderful for smelly dogs. Spray bottle made from recycled milk bottles. Can be used in cat boxes too! 24oz.
Now $11.49
Lucy Rabbit
Simply Fido - Plush Lucy rabbit is approx. 10" and comes in yellow with squeaker. These cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and oh-so soft. All our products are: Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric • Pure water organic dye process • Saliva resistant • Reduced toxicity and allergy levels • Environmentally friendly. Safe Healthy Toy!
Now $15.99
Stress/Calming Solutions Bites
Dr. Becker’s Stress Bites contains Chamomile, Rhodiola and L-Theanine, three natural supplements shown to promote calmness, balance and tranquility. Ingredients: Beef Liver, Bison Liver, Chamomile, Rhodiola and L-Theanine. USA made Healthy Dog Treats
Now $17.99
Cruncherz Ginger Yaps
Vitamin-rich parsley with a hint of ginger helps freshen those doggy kisses! 11.5oz.Cruncherz™ healthy dog treats are baked with NO WHEAT, GRAINS or GLUTEN.  Our delicious homestyle recipes are ALL NATURAL and holistically formulated with organic and family-farmed ingredients, and are made with NO artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or GMOs.Buckwheat, our base ingredient, is NOT wheat! It’s a gluten-free berry that has been used worldwide for centuries.  Organic buckwheat flour is an excellent source of energy from complex carbohydrates and provides many other nutrients. 
Now $9.49
Pees on Earth Eco Tee
ECO DOG TEES are made from 100% RECYCLED Ringspun Cotton/Poly Jersey. Reclaimed from 65% Cotton Waste + 35% Plastic Bottles (there is approximately 3.5 plastic bottles in every shirt that is made). Look trendy and be socially responsible with these cute Eco dog t-shirts!
Now $22.99

2 Flea Collar Makers Agree to Stop Using Propoxur

By Clay Jackson

Sergeant’s Pet Care Products Inc. and Wellmark International have agreed to phase out the use of the chemical propoxur in pet flea collars.

The announcement Thursday followed the filing of a lawsuit in February by the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has been pushing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to act on previous petitions that urged the government to ban propoxur in flea-control products. The timing of the lawsuit and the voluntary agreement between EPA and the manufacturers was coincidental, said council health attorney Mae Wu.

“More likely [the voluntary ban] was a result of the petitions that we filed many years ago,” Wu said.

Jim Jones, assistant administrator in the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, called the action “another example of EPA’s efforts to protect children from pesticide risks.”

“This voluntary move will get to an expedient result that protects people’s health,” Jones said.

Propoxur is a neurotoxin and known carcinogen that authorities say poses a risk to the brains and nervous systems of children. People who handle propoxur pet collars may ingest the chemical if they also touch their mouth, experts state.

The agreement allows Sergeant’s and Wellmark to produce pet collars using propoxur until April 1, 2015, and distribute them until April 1, 2016. Most flea collars have a shelf life of up to five years, according the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Sergeant’s, based in Omaha, Neb., agreed to cancel EPA registrations for the Dual Action, Sendran and 933 Plus flea and tick collars, all of which use propoxur.

“We are pleased to be able to work with EPA to resolve this matter amicably and ensure that our customers can continue to benefit from uninterrupted access to Sergeant’s products,” said Caryn Stichler, vice president of marketing.

“Sergeant’s remains committed to compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements,” she added.

Schaumburg, Ill.-based Wellmark, whose … read more

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