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Turtle - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - Our Turtle dog toy is no ordinary turtle - this turtle is helping the environment. What dog couldn't become best friends with this Eco-freindly dog toy? A long lasting squeaker is surrounded by recycled IntelliLoft® fiber fill within the Eco fabric shell that is also made of 100% post consumer recycled soda bottles. Your dog will agree, our turtle is more fun than the real thing! Fun Healthy Dog Toy!
Now $12.50
Eco-Friendly Orbit Bed
ECO ORBIT Dog BedTHIS COULD BE OUR BEST DONUT DESIGN YET.In this latest trend setting one piece design, the inner cushion is built directly into the bottom of the bed. Great solution for dogs that tend to take out and play with removable cushions from their bed. Fiber topped orthopedic foam bottom insert provides superior support and comfort, making this a great bed for older or arthritic dogs. Our two fabric design, combines designer prints with calming, earth-tone neutrals and is finished off with elegant, contrast piping. Sm. 27"x 22"x 7", Med. 35"x 27"x 8", Lg 42"x 32"x 9"XL 50"x 36"x 9" 
Now $112.99
Salmon Paws Jerky
Salmon Paws: 100% Alaskan Salmon Premium Pet Treats. Salmon Paws contains only human-grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. INGREDIENTS: Salmon. 4 oz BagLow Fat   High Protein   Rich In Omega-3 and Omega- 6 OilsExcellent Training Aid    All Natural, Human GradeEasy To Tear In Bite Size Pieces Dogs, Puppies and Cats Luv'm!Safe Healthy Pet Treats!!
Now $16.50
Eco-Bone Dog Toy
West Paw Design - Every dog loves a bone, but you will love this plush healthy dog toy even more since it is an environmentally friendly Eco Bone! Dogs of all sizes will rejoice when they receive a 10” Eco Bone, or for the smaller pups, a 7” Eco Mini Bone toy. Strong fabric made up of 100% re-engineered recycled IntelliLoft® fibers surrounds a squeaker, for an Eco friendly, high quality dog squeak toy. Eco Bones come in a modern two-tone design.
Now $9.00
Cable Knit Sweater - Red
Handmade Wool Dog Sweaters by Chilly DogOur dog sweaters are a green product because the wool from our sweaters is natural, from free range sheep whose food source is chemical free, organic.Theses natural dog sweaters are hand knit without electricity. Even our content label is hand-sewn in. We do not use wasteful, ridiculous packaging for our sweaters. We employ Indigenous Indians in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains where work is scarce and life is hard. They are beautiful people who rely on us for work to support their community and families. The dyes used for our sweaters come from plants and other natural resources (grey and cream are not dyed). Helping others and keeping our planet clean and green has always been and will always be our way of business and life.
Now $31.95
Heavenly Organic Scented Coat Conditioner
Heavenly Organic™ Heavenly Scented Dog Coat Conditioner 8 oz. Our coat conditioner softens tangles, rinses clean and leaves the dog’s coat fresh and shiny, the skin soft and nourished. Ingredients such as comfrey soothe the skin, while rosemary stimulates hair growth, and has anti bacterial properties. All of our shampoos are highly concentrated, 7-1 so a little can go a long way.
Now $14.75
Heavenly Organic Heavenly Gentle Dog Shampoo
This shampoo is gentle enough for young puppies and may be used on small animals such as gerbils and guinea pigs. The blends of oils are natural moisturizers and emollients, which provide proteins and vitamins that benefit the hair shaft. This special blend of herbs, botanicals and essential oils gently cleans and nourishes without stripping the coat’s natural oils.
Now $14.75
Heavenly Organic Oatmeal & Almond Shampoo
HEAVENLY ORGANIC™ 100% CHEMICAL FREE DOG SHAMPOOS 8 oz. Great for dry, itchy and irritated skin. Colloidal oatmeal soothes the skin while blends of almond, jojoba, and macadamia oils moisterize the coat and nourish the skin leaving it soft and silky. The lavender scent helps to calm and relax the dog. All of our shampoos are highly concentrated, 7-1 so a little can go a long way.
Now $14.75

House Training Your Dog or Puppy

You’ve brought a new dog into your home—congratulations! Now comes your first dog-training challenge: house training.

House training is not an exact science—there’s no sure-fire formula or timetable that will work for every dog. The important thing is to make it a positive experience. Here are a few tips to help you through it.

Do: Supervise your dog. Limit the dog’s run of the house to the one or two rooms where you are able to see her at all times. Dogs usually show “pre-pottying” behavior such as sniffing, circling and walking with stiff back legs; all signs that you should get her to the potty area ASAP! As the training begins to take hold, you can slowly enlarge her territory.

Don’t: Yell at a dog for a mess she made earlier. If you catch her in the act, it’s okay to startle her by clapping or making a noise (hopefully this will stop her long enough for you to whisk her outside). But a dog will not learn anything by being scolded for a past accident, even one a few minutes old. Just clean it up and soldier on.

Do: Offer big praise when she gets it right. Whether your goal is for your dog to eliminate on pee pads indoors or to do it outside, you have to really throw a party for her when she succeeds. Lavish her with praise, affection and some yummy treats!

Don’t: Rub her face in it. In addition to this action making your dog fear you, she’s incapable of making the connection that it’s the act of soiling indoors you object to—to her, you just really hate pee and poop. If she thinks that the waste itself is what you dislike, she’ll only get sneakier about hiding it from you.

courtesty of the aspca blog

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