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Turtle - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - Our Turtle dog toy is no ordinary turtle - this turtle is helping the environment. What dog couldn't become best friends with this Eco-freindly dog toy? A long lasting squeaker is surrounded by recycled IntelliLoft® fiber fill within the Eco fabric shell that is also made of 100% post consumer recycled soda bottles. Your dog will agree, our turtle is more fun than the real thing! Fun Healthy Dog Toy!
Now $12.50
Beginnings Stuffless Wally Bear
Simply Fido Beginnings Stuffless Wally Bear 5"These cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and soft. These toys are safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric • Non-Toxic Low Eco Impact Dyes • saliva resistant,  Reduced toxicity and allergy levels • Environmentally friendly.Stuffless Wally Bear has crinkle paper inside. Enjoy less mess with these stuffless toys. They are sure to please you and your pup.  
Now $8.49
Hemp Corduroy Leashes
Our hemp corduroy leashes are comfortable to use.  Unlike synthetic materials, hemp has a soft hand-feel and won't leash burn.We offer three widths--all standard 6 foot length (1/2", 3/4", 1").Machine washable and color-fast.Benefits of Hemp and Organic Cotton Corduroy:Soft fabric - Doesn't rub and create hot spots.Durable - Machine washable and will last a long time.Hemp is naturally hypo-allergenic --Good for sensitive dogs.Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial--OK to get wet-- color fast.
Now $20.99
Relief Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner
Farm Dog Naturals Relief Pet Urine and Eco Cleaner effectively neutralizes pet urine and odors while cleaning multiple surfaces around the home. Use it everyday to permanently put an end to urine and odors and find just what you are looking for in a cleaner, Relief. Eliminates pet urine and associated odors. Cleans granite, wood, stainless, tile, and glass. Naturally anti-bacterial. Can be sprayed around the dog or on it if you like. Works wonderful for smelly dogs. Spray bottle made from recycled milk bottles. Can be used in cat boxes too! 24oz.
Now $11.49
Cable Knit Sweater - Green
Handmade Wool Dog Sweaters. Our dog sweaters are a green product because the wool from our sweaters is natural, from free range sheep whose food source is chemical free, organic.These natural dog sweaters are hand knit without electricity. Even our content label is hand-sewn in. We do not use wasteful, ridiculous packaging for our sweaters. We employ Indigenous Indians in the Highlands of the Andes Mountains where work is scarce and life is hard. They are beautiful people who rely on us for work to support their community and families. The dyes used for our sweaters come from plants and other natural resources (grey and cream are not dyed). Helping others and keeping our planet clean and green has always been and will always be our way of business and life. 
Now $31.95
Snack 21 - Salmon Skin Rolls
Snack 21 - Salmon Skin Rolls100% Natural treats made only from dried Wild Pacific Salmon. Made from only Wild Pacific Salmon with no by-products fillers or rendered materials. Ideal for pets with allergies to meat products and chemical additives. Absolutely no additives, preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring. A natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, natural vitamins and minerals.An alternative to rawhide and a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids with no digestion issues. Made of 100% dried Wild Pacific Salmon skin, the chews contain no additives, preservatives, colors or artificial flavors, and are ideal for use with rubber treat toys. 6 rolls per bag
Now $8.49
Flower for Cat - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - Buy your Kitty Cat some Eco Friendly Flowers! Flower for Cat is just that - toy flowers made with friendly fabric that utilizes 85% recycled IntelliLoft™ fibers and contains our USDA certified Organic Catnip. Fun and Healthy Cat Toy!
Now $7.49
Liquid Tartar and Plaque Remover Water Treatment for Cat or Dog
Liquid Tartar & Plaque Remover Water Treatment for Cats or Dogs Our Pet Liquid Tartar and Plaque Remover with Natural Ingredients is a very effective remedy that helps stop pet bad breath at its source! We all love our pets, but the fact is their breath is sometimes downright unpleasant. And more importantly, the microorganisms that cause bad breath and periodontal disease can actually shorten your dog’s or cat’s lifespan. Just a cap full of Mad About Organics Liquid Tartar and Plaque Remover Solution with Natural Ingredients in your pet’s water bowl, and your pet will have ’up close’ fresh breath every day! 16oz Bottle
Now $9.75

Blueberries: Super food for pets

by Animal Wellness Magazine

We love eating these tasty little morsels of goodness, so why wouldn’t our pets? We know blueberries have top-notch antioxidant properties; in fact, they possess some of the highest antioxidant values among all foods.

Optimal health depends on antioxidant activity to combat the free radicals that can impair cellular structures and damage DNA. Researcher Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, is a professor of nutrition at Boston’s Tufts University. “Oxidation is a natural process that happens during normal cellular functions,” he says. “While the body metabolizes oxygen very efficiently, 1% or 2% of cells will get damaged in the process and turn into free radicals.”

The damaged cells are free because they’re missing a critical molecule and that sends them “rampaging” freely about to pair with another molecule. “If free radicals simply killed a cell, it wouldn’t be so bad… the body could just regenerate another one,” Blumberg says. When free radicals damage DNA, however, it creates an opening for disease.”

Foods like blueberries have the antioxidant properties to neutralize free radicals by providing an extra electron needed to stabilize the molecule, or breaking down the free radical molecule to render it harmless. Blueberries include phenolic compounds with an antioxidant capacity significantly higher than vitamins C or E, according to Alison Hornby, a dietitian and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association.

If this weren’t enough reason to indulge in occasional blueberry binging, research points to their cardiovascular benefits. Blueberries provide fiber, manganese and vitamin K, all of which enhance heart function while lowering the risk of stroke. Eye health is yet another benefit of blueberry consumption. In laboratory animal studies, the anthocyanins in blueberries protected the retina from oxygen damage. And finally, studies show that eating blueberries and blueberry treats helps older dogs improve cognitive function.

Low in calories, high … read more

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