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Lamb Airy Bites with OSV
Lamb Airy Bites™ – 2.8ozAll Natural Grain & Gluten Free Dog Treats MeatSlow roasted cubes of American pasture raised lamb lung are cut into small cubes, perfect for training!Mouth-wateringly yummy, training sized cubes of pasture raised lamb lung, enhanced with our award-winning, patent pending Organic SuperVeggie coating. They are grain-free, gluten-free, and ultra-low in carbohydrates. The Airy texture means you get lots of treats in every bag! Ingredients:Lamb lung, air dried organic spinach, air dried organic pumpkin, air dried organic carrot
Now $9.75
Tree of Life: Coconut, Molasses, & Flax Flavor (Grain Free)
Max & Ruffy's - Tree of Life: Coconut, Molasses, & Flax Flavor (Grain Free)We’ve masterfully blended rich coconut with molasses and flax to bring your pooch a treat packed full of pure goodness. The Tree of Life ingredients are each known for their nutritional and health benefits; the combination of them is undeniable delicious! Wholesome goodness in every bite!100% natural - no additives, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancer and no preservatives. Grain Free, Wheat free, soy free, corn free and GMO free5oz mini / training size -  Approx Calories Per Treat:  2 Approx Treats Per Pouch: 2508oz original - 
Now $5.25
I Love Dogs it's Humans That Annoy Me
Spoiled Rotten Dogz DecalI Love Dogs it's Humans That Annoy Me  4" x 6" oval.  Long lasting  weather resistant vinyl.   Ideal for cars, trucks, or suv's
Now $3.25
Bark-n-Bag Organic Denim Pet Carrier
Black Denim/Red Trim• Organic Denim Pet Carrier made of pesticide free cotton• Fur Friendly mesh on 3 sides for ventilation• Padded double tubular handle• Adjustable shoulder strap• Machine washable quilted pad• Two easy access zippered pockets• Folds flat for storage• Sturdy Patented construction
Now $67.99
Dolphin - Eco Friendly Toy
West Paw Design - Your dog will flip when you get him Dolphin - a healthy Eco-friendly dog toy. Dolphin's fabric skin is made of 85% recycled IntelliLoft™ fibers, that were previously plastic soda bottles. With a squeaker sewn into his belly, this ocean friend is sure to become any canine's new friend.
Now $12.50
Pet Kelp DIGESTIVE for Dogs and Cats
 Pet Kelp - Digestive Formula Pet Kelp is an all-natural 2-in-1 pet supplement that uses multi-vitamins, antioxidants, flax seed and other nutrients that aid in your pets overall health and healthy appearance. Simple, whole ingredients with over 70 nutrientsA multi-mineral and vitamin complex PLUS another functional supplementDogs and cats (yes, cats) LOVE the taste, even picky eaters! The key ingredient in Pet Kelp's dual action supplements for dogs and cats is their unique blend of ocean kelp. Kelp, a class of seaweed, is considered to be one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the Earth. Kelp continuously filters and bio-accumulates nutrients from the surrounding cold productive ocean water. Kelp living in pristine ocean water produces the highest nutrient content (70 vitamins and minerals). 8oz pouchSimple. All natural. Great taste. 
Now $12.49
Lucky Duck - Grain Free 12 oz.
Slowly dehydrated at our South Boston kitchen, Polka Dog Bakery’s Lucky Duck treats are the meatiest of the Polka Dog Butcher Block offerings. Chock full of USDA, hormone-free natural duck liver, these grain-free mini bones are great for dogs on a grain-free raw or fresh food diet, or for those in need of a little extra something to satisfy their primal cravings. Savory and delicious! 12 oz. Bag
Now $18.49
I Heart Cheese - Organic Dog Treats
i heart cheese  healthy dog treatsCheddar and Parmesan… Who doesn't love cheese? An all-time favorite! 10 oz. Box Treat Size: 1.25" - 1.75" 
Now $11.49

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?

The reasons behind all that bark

By Teoti Anderson

Do you sometimes think your dog just likes the sound of his own voice? While some breeds are naturally prone to barking (the Cairn Terrier and the Chihuahua are two examples), there is often a reason why your dog is being so noisy.

Does your dog want something? Dogs can bark because it’s rewarding. You could be paying your dog for barking and not realize it. If your dog barks to go outside and you let him out, you’ve just paid him for barking. If he barks while you fix his dinner and you give him his food, you just paid him for barking. Be sure you are not accidentally paying your dog for behaviour you don’t want.

Is he frightened? Keep in mind that most aggression (which can manifest in barking, among other behaviours) is actually based in fear. A dog that is frightened of other dogs may lunge towards the other dog, the fur may rise up on his neck, and he may bark and growl. Dogs who are frightened of people, kids on skateboards and other things can show the same behaviour. The dog is barking to try and scare “the monster” away. Other dogs spook at noises or things that suddenly appear in their environments, like thunder or a person coming into your home.

Is he being territorial? Does your dog bark at people who pass by your house or car? If so, your dog is barking to protect and proclaim what he sees as his domain.

Dogs can also bark in greeting because they are frustrated when they hear other dogs bark, and more. Your first step is to try and figure out why your dog is barking. Once you do, then you can tackle the noise.

Here are some ways you … read more

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