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Salmon Paws Jerky
Salmon Paws: 100% Alaskan Salmon Premium Pet Treats. Salmon Paws contains only human-grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. INGREDIENTS: Salmon. 4 oz BagLow Fat   High Protein   Rich In Omega-3 and Omega- 6 OilsExcellent Training Aid    All Natural, Human GradeEasy To Tear In Bite Size Pieces Dogs, Puppies and Cats Luv'm!Safe Healthy Pet Treats!!
Now $16.50
Organic Dog / Cat Ear Cleaner
Dog or Cat Healing Ear Cleaner - 1ozMad About Organics' Healing Ear Cleaner uses only the highest quality ingredients to clean and disinfect the ears of dogs and cats. This gentle formula is safe and effective for regular ear cleansing, and is designed to dissolve ear wax, remove foreign debris, and help the ears from mites issues. Our organic solution is especially helpful for dog breeds with floppy ears as well as cropped ears and for pets that spend a lot of time outdoors.
Now $9.75
It's a Girl! - Organic Dog Treats
it's a girl!  - healthy dog Cookies This box of healthy peanut butter dog treats makes a great gift for the newest family member in anyone's household. New puppy or new adoption! Box Size: 5.75" x 4.75" (contains 8 treats)
Now $11.49
Organic Insect Relief Spray
Organic Insect Relief Spray - 16oz New! The majority of insect sprays on the market are full of toxins and harmful chemicals. Insects are not fun to deal with, which is why we developed this wonderful organic insect relief spray that is safe for your pets and you as well. Even though we developed this spray for our dog's and cat's, it has turned out to be a very versatile spray that can be used on many animals like rabbits, ferrets, chickens, and we even use it on ourselves. It is great to be able to spray our dogs and ourselves right before we hit the trail. We know when you bring your pet for their daily walk, to the dog park or on those great summer camping trips, they need your help. With this relief spray, your whole family will be able to run and play in peace. Mad About Organics' Insect Relief Spray is made in Eugene, Oregon and packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle. 
Now $14.75
Simply Fido Lucy Rabbit 10"
Simply Fido - Lucy 10" Bunny Organic Plush Toy w/ SqueakerThese perfect playthings are sure to please your pup. Each classic character is made from organic cotton and comes with a squeakers.These cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and oh-so soft. All our products are: Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric • Pure water organic dye process • Saliva resistant • Reduced toxicity and allergy levels • Environmentally friendly. Safe Healthy Toy!
Now $16.49
Organic Leaf Catnip
West Paw Design - Catnip aids in digestion, is harmless and non-addictive. A simple pleasure your cat will thank you for. Perfect for refilling our Catnip Shaker. No stems. No fillers. Always Premium. 1.5 oz.
Now $4.75
Zogoflex Tux 6" - Eco Toy
To dogs, Tux® is the magic oracle of treats. Peanut butter, biscuits, and meaty bits mysteriously appear within it, begging to be gnawed free. But even emptied, the fun isn’t over—Tux® floats, flings, bounces, goes in the dishwasher and survives serious chew sessions. We consider it our toughest dog toy. Like all of our Zogoflex® dog toys, Tux is recyclable, Made in the USA, Certified Safe and Guaranteed to Last. West Paw Design - Tux™. It's like a dog's chance to get his cake and eat it too! Tux is the perfect combination of a supremely stuffable / tossable dog treat toy and guaranteed-tough Zogoflex®. Some dogs love to chew - and are even classified as aggressive or power chewers. These dog chew toys are guaranteed durable and designed for the tough, aggressive chewing dogs. Perfect chew toy for puppies to the extreme chewers.
Now $15.99
Scot - Hemp Toy
West Paw Design - Scot is an eco-friendly dog toy in the shape of a cute dog and made with Hemp fibers. Whether you’ve got a Rat Terrier or a Rottweiler, your dog will love playing and snuggling up to West Paw Design’s Scotty Dog. Fun for all breeds, Scot is one cuddly playmate dogs can’t wait to get home to. Safe Hemp Dog Toy!Scot Mini measures 5"Scot measures 7.25"
Now $11.75

10 Secrets Your Dog Isn’t Telling You

…from modern dog magazine


#1 I’m not just taking my time

There is a reason why dogs spin around before going to the bathroom and it has nothing to do with endeavouring to make you late for work. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology found that dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field. After observing 70 dogs—made up of 37 breeds—over two years, a clear preference for an alignment with the north-south axis was documented, with the east-west avoided. Just why they instinctually prefer this positioning for defecation and how exactly they perceive the magnetic field is still unclear, but at least we know what all that spinning around is about. So patience, please. Genius at work.

#2 Different dogs prefer different types of beds

When choosing a bed for me, please pay attention to how I sleep. If I like to curl up, I’d probably love a bumper bed, but if I usually sleep with my legs sticking straight out, I’d prefer a flat bed without sides or bolsters. Also, many dogs also like to have a blanket to cover themselves up with. Just sayin’.

#3 Just because I’m wagging my tail…

…doesn’t mean I’m friendly or in a good mood. We dogs also sometimes wag our tails when we’re agitated, annoyed or angry. Pay attention to my tail’s positioning. A loose, hip-swaying, wiggly, side-to-side wag usually means I’m happy to see you, whereas a tail held high and stiff that’s rigidly wagging means I am in a state of high excitement or agitation. Also look for tense muscles, particularly in the face, dilated pupils and pinned ears—these are not signs of a relaxed dog.


#4 I like to be challenged

We dogs are smart and we like games that make us think. We would appreciate you hiding cookies around the house for … read more

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