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Dino - Hemp Toy
New Toy! West Paw Design - Dino dog toy - Hemp fabric dog toy in the shape of a dinosaur. Who says dinosaurs are extinct? Dino will provide endless hours of entertainment for dogs of all sizes. If your dog likes digging for bones, then they’ll love digging for Dino! Super soft yet durable hemp make this one happening herbivore. Safe Hemp Dog Toy!Dino Mini measures 5.5"Dino measures 7.5"
Now $14.75
Dogbag Duffel Pink
Dogbag duffel in solid PINK with BLACK PAWS includes 1 roll of tie-handle clean up poop bags on a roll, plus 1 refill roll. 100% degradable & earth friendly. Made from recycled plastic.
Now $6.49
Pees on Earth Eco Tee
ECO DOG TEES are made from 100% RECYCLED Ringspun Cotton/Poly Jersey. Reclaimed from 65% Cotton Waste + 35% Plastic Bottles (there is approximately 3.5 plastic bottles in every shirt that is made). Look trendy and be socially responsible with these cute Eco dog t-shirts!
Now $22.99
Organic Dog Flea and Tick Shampoo
Dog Flea & Tick Shampoo - 8ozWhen fleas or ticks are an issue, we have the solution. Our organic dog flea tick shampoo is guaranteed to get the job done. Our dog shampoo is specifically pH balanced and are formulated for frequent, even daily bathing.We have done extensive research only choosing the most effective ingredients. With the natural essential oil blend at work, this shampoo will make your dog feel better than ever. 
Now $9.75
Heavenly Organic Heavenly Gentle Dog Shampoo
This shampoo is gentle enough for young puppies and may be used on small animals such as gerbils and guinea pigs. The blends of oils are natural moisturizers and emollients, which provide proteins and vitamins that benefit the hair shaft. This special blend of herbs, botanicals and essential oils gently cleans and nourishes without stripping the coat’s natural oils.
Now $14.75
Wally Bear Blue 10"
Simply Fido - Wally is approx. 10” plush bear and comes in blue. These cute plush toys come with squeaker. Cuddly buddies are irresistibly cute and oh-so soft. All our products are: Safe, non-toxic, all natural organic fabric • Pure water organic dye process • Saliva resistant • Reduced toxicity and allergy levels • Environmentally friendly.Adorable Safe Fun!
Now $15.99
Sliders | Tender Beef & Cheddar
 Clear Conscience Pet Tender Sliders are a breakthrough in tender meat treats. They contain no glycerin or other humectants that can cause a surge in blood sugar. Just like a plate of sliders at the pub, these treats have real beef, tomatoes and other veggies!4oz. stand up pouchSliders® are made in the USA in government inspected plants. Choose American Beef from humane-audited ranches, or vegetarian fed, hormone & antibiotic-free chicken. Add our own blend of Organic Flax for Omega 3 fatty acids and air dried SuperVeggies™ for phytonutrients and you have a holistically balanced meat snack that can’t be beat. 
Now $9.75
Zogoflex Hurley Bone - Eco Toy
West Paw Design Hurley® is a durable dog toy, that’s shaped like a bone and meant for chewers. Toss it, float it, chew it, love it! A stick…..with attitude! Designed to give your dog all the fun of a ball and a bone in one durable toy, Hurley has all the tails a-waggin’! Mini 4.5" Sm 6" & Lg 8.25"Hurley is 100% recyclable and is a buoyant, made in the USA, BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and dishwasher safe toy. Durable Eco Friendly Dog Toy!
Now $7.50

House Training Your Dog or Puppy

You’ve brought a new dog into your home—congratulations! Now comes your first dog-training challenge: house training.

House training is not an exact science—there’s no sure-fire formula or timetable that will work for every dog. The important thing is to make it a positive experience. Here are a few tips to help you through it.

Do: Supervise your dog. Limit the dog’s run of the house to the one or two rooms where you are able to see her at all times. Dogs usually show “pre-pottying” behavior such as sniffing, circling and walking with stiff back legs; all signs that you should get her to the potty area ASAP! As the training begins to take hold, you can slowly enlarge her territory.

Don’t: Yell at a dog for a mess she made earlier. If you catch her in the act, it’s okay to startle her by clapping or making a noise (hopefully this will stop her long enough for you to whisk her outside). But a dog will not learn anything by being scolded for a past accident, even one a few minutes old. Just clean it up and soldier on.

Do: Offer big praise when she gets it right. Whether your goal is for your dog to eliminate on pee pads indoors or to do it outside, you have to really throw a party for her when she succeeds. Lavish her with praise, affection and some yummy treats!

Don’t: Rub her face in it. In addition to this action making your dog fear you, she’s incapable of making the connection that it’s the act of soiling indoors you object to—to her, you just really hate pee and poop. If she thinks that the waste itself is what you dislike, she’ll only get sneakier about hiding it from you.

courtesty of the aspca blog

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